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How to Buy University Canada West (UCW) Transcript Fast and Easy

UCW Transcript
UCW Transcript

Buy Fake UCW Transcript, Buy Canada Fake Transcript, Buy University Canada West (UCW) Transcript, University Canada West (UCW) is a private, for-profit university in British Columbia, Canada. It was founded in 2005 by David F. Strong, the former president of the University of Victoria. UCW was purchased in 2008 by the Eminata Group and in 2014 sold to Global University Systems, its present owners. Based in downtown Vancouver, the university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in business and management.

In line with the bicameral system at many other Canadian universities, the governance structure of UCW is composed of an Academic Council and a Board of Governance. The Board of Governance oversees the strategic direction of the university including its fiduciary, legal and financial responsibilities. It is composed of two members nominated by Global University Systems (the university’s owner), the university’s president, and a minimum of four members external to both the university and its owner. As of 2018, the Board of Governance was chaired by Alfred Morris. He also serves on the board of directors at two other institutions owned by Global University Systems, Arden University and University of Law. The Academic Council oversees the university’s academic programs and policies. It is composed of representatives from the university’s staff, faculty, students and alumni.

Although UCW does not receive public funds, the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education requires the institution to file audited financial statements. The institution also undergoes an annual quality review by the Degree Quality Assessment Board.

What Does An Academic Transcript Contain?

What is a Transcript ?

Transcripts are issued by academic institution to verify and acknowledge the courses you undertook and the marks you obtained in them. All Institutions generally follow a standard format for the transcript:

  • Name of the Issuing Academic Institution
  • Accreditation of the Academic Institution
  • Name of the Student
  • Roll Number/Identity of the Student