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buy university of durham degree,buy fake dipoma in UK, sertificate ,fake degree, fake diploma online,Chief of Staff Chad Denat, Hetfield College, Economic HistorySir Milton Margay, the first prime minister of Sierra Leone, received his medical degree in 1926. John Douglas, the seventh prime minister in Queensland, graduated in 1850 with a degree in art. Henry Holland, the first Viscount of Nazford, the Minister of Colonial Affairs from 1887 to 1892, received a law degree in 1847. Herbert Lamin and Barron Lamin led the investigation of the serial killer Harold Shipman and thoroughly investigated the social services situation in the UK with the death of Baby P. They graduated from the application in 1960. Social studies major, along with Daim Caroline Swift, the lead attorney in the Shipman case. In addition, Mo Moram (sociology and anthropology), Edward Lee (History), [148] Crispin Brent (political major), are also famous alumni active in politics. Graduates in the military field include the Chief of Staff of the British Army, General Richard Danat (General of Economic History), the Chief Executive of National Defense Assets, and the husband of Princess Anne, and Admiral Tim Lawrence (Geography Specialist) ), and the Rear Admiral Amjad Hussein (engineering major) with the highest rank of the minority in the British army. And Du Ye Xien, a well-known social activist and educator in Hong Kong, has been serving Hong Kong for 40 years and fighting for the interests of the grassroots. In the field of research, Durham's graduates include Templeton Award winner John Barlow (Mathematics and Physics, 1974), and George Brown, who was invited by NASA to study Apollo 11 to bring back rock samples from the moon. Jazz (Chemistry and Geology, 1950), co-discoverer of the subatomic particle K meson, Professor George Rochester (1926), and the recipient of the Royal Society's Copley Medal, Sir Harold Jeffries (mathematics, 1919), and former Secretary of the British Geological Survey, Sir Kingsley Charles Dunham (Geography, 1930), current Vice President of Cardiff University, Dr. David Grant (1974), Vice President of Durham University Dr. Reese Higgins (1979), and Vice President of Lancaster University, Paul Wellings (MSc) are also graduates of Durham.
Some Duran alumni also have a high position in the business world. Richard Adams (sociology), founder of the fair trade organization Traidcraft, Paul Hawkins (innovator of artificial intelligence), the inventor of the Hawkeye Trackball System, [162] Elizabeth Hudris, CEO of Community Services Volunteer Organization Mrs. (Sociology), former President and Chief Operating Officer of Ford Motor Company Sir Nick Scherer (German, 1966) David Sproxton, co-founder of Ademan Animation, who produced Cool Dog Baby (Geography, 1976), Tim Schmidt (archaeology and anthropology), co-founder of the Eden Project, and David Walton (Economics and Mathematics, 1984), a member of the British Monetary Council, a famous Hong Kong businessman and Regal Zhao Shizeng