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how to buy golden gate university degree from US

How to buy Golden Gate University Degree from US
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How to buy Golden Gate University Degree from US ,How to buy Golden Gate University Degree from US ,How to buy Golden Gate University Degree from US ,At its incorporation as a separate institution from the YMCA in 1923, the college governance was divided between a four-member (increased to nine members in 1948) Board of Governors, which ran educational programs of the college including the conferral of degrees, and a five-member Board of Trustees to hold the college property. The Board of Governors met monthly, while the Board of Trustees only met occasionally when its approval was required on a matter. Day-to-day operations of the college were handled by a Director of Education. The appointments of the Director, Governors and trustees were made by the San Francisco YMCA, though appointments to the latter two bodies were made on the Director of Education's recommendation. A 1948 reorganization raised the Director of Education to President, the incumbent Director, Nagel T. Miner (since 1931), becoming President. In September 1949 the Board of Governors and Board of Trustees were merged, with all current trustees retiring, and the members of the Board of Governors being elected onto the Board of Trustees, which had 14 members out of a possible maximum of 21 members. Presently, the university is managed by a self-sustaining Board of Trustees of between 20 and 47 members. Trustees serve 3-year terms with one-third up for election annually. The president of the university and the president of the Alumni Association hold voting seats on the Board. Additionally there are four non-voting ex officio members, the President of the Student Government, the President of the Student Bar Association (law school student government); the President of the University Faculty Senate, and the Chair of the Law Faculty. The trustees are selected from the worlds of business, law, accounting, taxation and philanthropy. Since 2003 the majority of trustees have been alumni of the university. Of the current trustees all but two have at least one academic degree (excluding honorary degrees) from GGU.
Prominent former trustees have included Curtis D. Wilbur, U.S. Secretary of the Navy under Calvin Coolidge. John L. McNabb, a former United States Attorney for the Northern District of California; Warren H. Pillsbury, an expert in the federal law of workers compensation (Governor 1923-1949, Trustee 1949-1963); James E. Hammond, a partner with what is now PricewaterhouseCoopers (Governor 1923-1949, Trustee 1949-1968); George Christopher, a former Mayor of San Francisco; and Caspar Weinberger, an executive with Bechtel and a U.S. Secretary of Defense.
Day-to-day operation of the university is in the hands of a president, five vice-presidents and the deans of the four schools (Accounting, Business, Law and Taxation).