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Fake Université de Lille Diplôme
Fake Université de Lille Diplôme

Buy Fake Université de Lille Diplôme, Buy France Fake Diploma, The University of Lille (abbreviated ULille, UDL or univ-lille) is a French public university located in Lille (European Metropolis of Lille, Hauts-de-France). With nearly 75,000 students1 (including 10,000 internationals of 150 different nationalities), it is one of the largest French-speaking universities2,3. Spread over six main campuses in the Lille metropolitan area, its components (faculties, UFR, schools, institutes, departments, etc.) offer training divided into six major areas: 1° arts, letters, languages; 2° law, economics, management; 3° health; 4° science and technology; 5° human and social sciences; 6° sports.

It has its origins in the University of Douai, founded in 1559 and then finally transferred to Lille in 1896. In 1970, it was structured into three independent universities located on separate campuses: Lille-I University (sciences and technologies; Cité science), Lille-II University (law, management and health; Health and Moulins-Lille campuses), and Lille-III University (human and social sciences, literature, languages ​​and arts; Pont-de-Bois campus) . The merger on January 1, 2018 of these three Lille universities once again forms a single multidisciplinary university.

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