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How to buy a University of Valencia diploma in Spain?

Buy University of Valencia fake diploma

The University of Valencia (in Valencia, officially Universitat de València-Estudi General) was founded in 1499 as Estudi General and is one of the oldest universities in Spain. It is a public university for teaching and research in almost all fields of knowledge. Buy University of Valencia fake diploma

It is divided into four campuses: Blasco Ibáñez, Tarongers, Onteniente and Burjasot-Paterna, and has many extensions, delegations, affiliated centers and exemplary locations, such as the historic building La “Nau” – an acronym for La Nostra Antiga Universitat , “our old university” – the Botanical Garden or the Palazzo Cervero. All of its facilities have Wi-Fi, an email service for all students, laboratories, a language centre, sports facilities and several libraries.

Buy University of Valencia fake diploma, In the 2016/2017 academic year, it had 65,789 students in all its degrees, making it the university with the largest number of students among the seven universities that make up the Valencian Community College System (which also includes the two autonomous private universities) and seventh in the country. It also has 1,853 administrative and service staff and 3,849 teachers and researchers.

The University of Valencia is one of the four most outstanding universities in Spain in the field of R+D+i, with 18 university institutes (three of which are joint centres with the Higher Council of Scientific Research).

The Technopark of the University of Valencia deserves a mention, in which the research group is located, together with the technology-based business incubator and spin-offs of the University itself and other external companies.

In 2012 it was awarded the Competency Award for Best Organization in the Spanish Public Sector2 and in 2013 the Award for its disability inclusion dimension3 and Best Erasmus Institution in Spain.

4 In 2014, the University of Valencia received a UNESCO award for its Employment Observatory. 5 In 2021, in the 2021 ARWU World University Rankings (Academic Ranking of World Universities), also known as the Shanghai Ranking, as one of the first universities in Spain. The positioning system for this classification is carried out in sections, in the form of the same institutions by Arranged alphabetically, so worldwide UV is in the 301-400 range; in 5-8 status; and in 1-2 Valencia. The University of Valencia stands out worldwide in fields such as remote sensing, where it ranks 10th; food science and technology, 20th; tourism, 37; public health, between 51-75; and physics, where it ranks 10th worldwide Inside 76-100.6

Its current rector is Professor María Vicenta Mestre Escriva, elected in March 2018 in an electoral process in which she received 52.97% of the vote, becoming the first elected rector of the University of Valencia. 7

With 1,392,793 volumes, its library is the fourth largest university library in Spain, after the Complutense University Library of Madrid, the University of Barcelona and the University of Seville.