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buy transcript, buy fake transcript, buy IELTS transcript, where to buy fake degree diploam certificate, purchase IELTS transcript, where to buuy high quality IELTS transcript.A variety of accents and writing styles appear in writing to reduce the linguistic preference of the exam. The exam focuses on international English, which is the most significant in the listening test. The accent of the listening test mainly includes the British accent, American accent, Australian accent and New Zealand accent. In contrast, TOEFL pays more attention to North American English (US English). , Canadian English).
IELTS testing includes: the ability to listen, speak, read, and write.
Two modes to choose from: Academic (A) and Training (G) buy IELTS transcript
Academic tests are designed for those who want to enter a university or other higher education institution.
Training tests are designed for those who plan to start non-academic training, gain work experience, or work for immigrants.
Each language skill has a corresponding score (listening, speaking, reading, writing). The total score ranges from 1 (does not understand English) to 9 (degree of native speaker), and 0 points if the test is absent, blank, or cancelled due to cheating.