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Instead of traditional faculties, the TUHH has separate administrations for teaching and for research: research is conducted in departments, and teaching is divided into schools of study. Scientists from different subjects work together in the departments. Curricula are organized by academic specialty, depending on the course of study followed.

In the year 2000, the TUHH defined the following strategic topics of research activities:

Information as economic value
Organization for enterprises
Production and process integrated environmental protection
Sustainable management of resources
Advanced energy systems and energy management
Sustainable urban structures
Systems of transport and logistic
Advanced information and communication technologies
Advanced materials and microsystems
Biotechnologies and biomedical engineering
Research is divided into six interdisciplinary research departments:

Town, Environment, Technology
Systems Engineering
Civil Engineering and Marine Technology
Information and Communication Technology
Materials, Design, Manufacturing
Processing Technology and Energy Systems
Teaching is organized in eight schools of study:

Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics
Vocational Subject Education
Management Science and Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Process and Chemical Engineering
General Engineering Sciences
Naval Architecture
The TUHH belongs to top 600 universities in the world according to Times Higher Education rankings. Their place is 92nd in terms of Young University Rankings 2020.