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The university is situated in two parts of the city and occupies about 70 hectares. It is divided into a number of faculties that are directly administered by the university. The university consists of ten faculties, four institutes, one college, two “preparatory departments” for citizens of Ukraine and foreign countries, 15 scientific-research laboratories, five scientific institutes, administration departments, experimental training shops, and nine dormitories for students, post-graduates, and trainees. The university has a sports and health rehabilitation complex with its own stadium and rest base for the students, personnel, and university guests in the village of Chernomorka. In all university locations, there are cafeterias, cafes, bars, and medical sections.


  • Faculty of Biology
  • Faculty of International Relationships, Politology and Sociology
  • Faculty of Economics and Law
  • Faculty of Geology and Geography
  • Faculty of History and Philosophy
  • Faculty of Journalism, Advertising, and Publishing
  • Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Information Technologies
  • Faculty of Psychology and Social Work
  • Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology
  • Faculty of Chemistry