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Buy the best quality Carte grise française online, Buy fake certificat d’immatriculation

Buy fake Carte grise française
Buy fake Carte grise française

What is Carte grise française?

Buy fake certificat d’immatriculation, Buy fake Carte grise française, EVERY vehicle (whether a car, motorbike, moped, campervan etc…) in France has its own registration document: the certificat d’immatriculation, which is informally known as the carte grise. We explain more about this important document.

The carte grise must always be available when using the vehicle and may be asked for if, for example, you are subject to a police check (even so, it is not recommended you keep it permanently in the car, but rather in your pocket/hand bag etc, in case the car is stolen).

When you buy a car from a member of the public, they should give you the card; if you buy a new car, it is up to you to register for one with the prefecture, although the dealer will normally help with this.

The format of the carte grise changed in 2009 when a new number plate system came in. 8Plates now stay with the car for life instead of changing if you move department.

The card must be renewed if you move home or change your name. Driving with an out-of-date card (or without one at all) can result in a €135 fine. If you did not already have one of the new numbers, a renewed card will have a new registration number on it and you will need to have the vehicle’s plates changed. When buying a new car, or needing to change to the new numbering system, you receive a provisional carte grise which is valid for a month, while waiting for the definitive one. The document is also needed for trailers and caravans with a maximum laden weight (PTAC) of more than half a ton.

Certificat d’immatriculation is the new name of the Carte grise française. It is a document that serves as a policy title, that is, it identifies the vehicle with which it is associated. As its name suggests, it is used to register a vehicle and authorize its circulation on public roads. All motor vehicles, as well as trailers with a gross vehicle weight (PTAC) greater than 500 kg, must be registered and have a gray card. The motor vehicles affected are:

Particular Cars ;
Vans and utilities;
Camping car ;
Tractor and other agricultural machinery;
Quadricycles, including quads;
2 wheels and scooters, including scooters with a cylinder capacity of less than 50 cm³;
Mopeds and tricycles.

The document describes the vehicle under different headings including:

• its registration number (A);

• the date it was first registered (B);

• the name and address of the current user/keeper (C1);
• whether holder is also owner of the vehicle (C.4a);
• joint owner of the vehicle if applicable (C.4.1);
• address of current user/keeper (C3);
• make of vehicle (D1);
• type of vehicle (D2);
• identification code of vehicle (D.2.1);
• model of vehicle (D.3);
• engine size (P.1);
• fuel type/energy source (P.3);

• fiscal rating (P.6);

• CO2 Emissions gr/km (V.7);
• MOT due date (X.1).