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What are the payment options?

What are the payment options?
We only accept three payment methods:
1. International Wire Transfer:
If the payment is complete, usually we can receive the money within 1-3 day. There will be have some delay for money into our account. If you need it urgently, it is not a best option.
2. Western Union: It is very easy to transfer the money and usually we can get the money within minutes. You can make the payment online or nearest WU port.
3. Moneygram: After you transfer, please give us these details: 
1. Reference number;
2. Sender's first name; 
3. Sender's surname; 
4. The country of payment. 
5. The amount money. Please note that in order to protect your and our privacy security, choose "gift" as the purpose of remittance.

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